Missoni Makeup Bags at Target-September 13th

*UPDATE: I'm not sure I'm loving Target so much anymore. Can you believe how under prepared they were after all the hype they created? Shame on you Target. The people want their Missoni Cuteness! I guess we all should have known that this was going to happen. And in the back of my mind I guess I knew it too. Oh well! I guess I'll just have to keep checking the website for all the goods I wanted. But really though... target.com was down last night...  couldn't even check to see what was sold out! :(
Oh Target, how I love thou.
Have you checked out the sneak peak on the Target/ Missoni collaboration?
I am going to be on my computer at midnight on September 12th ready to buy it all up! 
They haven't listed the prices nor have they listed all of the items from the collection- 
which is apparently around 400 pieces! :D Yesss!
Here are some cute makeup brush kits they put together:
I'm pretty sure I'm going to grab that purple makeup bag on the left! 
How perfect are these!?
The large brushes look like they are a well made and have natural hair with a medium texture. Medium textured bristles are nice because then the brush won't be so soft that it won't pick up any product and it also won't be so textured that it might
feel rough or pick up too much product. I will let you know how good the quality is once I get a brush set in my hands! 
Here are some other top picks from the collection:

I am going to pair these sorts with black tights, black flats and a black chunky sweater. 
Mmm... a really warm brown smokey eye with copper shimmer would be so beautiful with this- LOVE!

 Don't you love office supplies? <3
I'm going to store my client's makeup profile's in these fabulous folders! 
Great Job Target + Missoni!
Be sure to check out more of the sneak peak here