Project Career Makeup: Psychotherapist

I met a very interesting woman last night. She was in her mid 50's and owns a private practice as a psychotherapist. I was very excited to meet her and loved her makeup and style, so of course I asked her if she would be a part of Project Career Makeup.

While she didn't want to submit any images or use her name, she was happy to answer some of my questions. She didn't want to submit any images because her thought was she works on people on the inside, and if she was featured on a beauty blog, it might send the wrong message to her clients. Also she has a client that's a makeup artist and that in and of itself might be a conflict of interest.

What exactly do you do for work? I own my own private practice as a Psychotherapist in NYC.

What makeup do you wear to work everyday? I usually wear a whole face, but not everyday. It really depends on how I feel.
Do you feel like you wear your makeup in consideration of your clients and what they will percieve you? No, definitely not. I wear my makeup for me. My clients are all about themselves- it's the nature of my services I offer. There really isn't any give and take, I am hired to help them. I just bought these new eye glasses, and I think they are a little 'flashy'. But guess what? Not one person said one thing about them.

Does your work makeup vary from your weekend makeup? I suppose so, for example if I'm going to be doing house work I'm not going to wear any makeup. But I love getting dressed up to go out to dinner or the theater and putting on a pretty lip stick.

How do you feel about makeup in the workplace, and specifically your industry? I feel like it doesn't really matter to your clients, as long as you don't have clown makeup on! I think makeup is fun and I like the way I feel when I put it on. But being in the industry that I am, I realize that's it's very important to be well on the inside. If you NEED to wear makeup to make it through the day without feeling terrible about yourself- then maybe there is a deeper issue. Or maybe it's society's issue because women don't get the same treatment without wearing makeup. I suppose this is all very deep and demands further exploration...

I couldn't agree more. And I'm sure I'll get to the bottom of it at some point soon! Thank you so much for being a part of Project Career Makeup!