Ask Lindsey Q&A - Makeup and Eye Glasses

Hi Lindsey,
OH NO!!! TYPICAL ASHLEY-MOVE! During the makeup lesson you gave me today, I forgot to ask you what I should do with makeup when wearing glasses. Because, you know, sometimes I wear glasses. Do you have one more pearl of wisdom you could hurl at me? Thanks so much again. You were just as nice and informative as I'd hoped. :D

Hi Ashley,

So let's talk about eyeglasses and makeup! The great thing about glasses is that they frame your eyes! And eye makeup is all about framing your eyes. So with the right glasses- you don't need makeup. But what's interesting about that is while you won't need a lot of eye makeup it's also difficult to see makeup underneath the lenses and frames. So if you want your eyes to look made up- you really have to pack it on. Thicker liner, higher eyeshadow, brighter/darker colors, more contrast and more shimmer. For whichever particular eye makeup look you were going for- when you add glasses into the equation- I would ad half of the intensity. So for example if you were making your eyeliner 1mm thick- then make it 1.5mm thick. I've researched measuring depth/brightness of color- but it's a complicated algorithm... so just eyeball it! :D

My clients that have had lasik eye surgery and no longer have to wear eyeglasses now have to start wearing eye makeup. Without their eyeglasses they feel undone and like their eyes are naked looking and undefined. They have told me that they never considered how much easier it was to just put on glasses vs. eye makeup every morning! 

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