Bridal Diaries - Joy

Makeup by Lindsey Jones.

Good Lord! Can you say Gorgeous! I can't stop staring! 
Here are some notes on her makeup:
Eyes: Brows- Joy likes a stronger brow- she usually uses smoke in her brows. Use saddle strongly all throughout the brow. 
Ivory/bone flat base shadow all over the lid. 
Burnished cream shadow all over the lower lid. 
Thick black gel eyeliner all over upper lashline and use the definer brush + gel on lower lash line. 
Smudge gel with black shadow being careful to leave some brightness from the burnished in the inner corners. 
Soften the crease with Burnt Sugar + Chocolate shimmer
Two sets of 'Whispies' false lashes from my secret Brooklyn-Chinatown beauty spot, Optima. Be careful not to glue the lashes too close to the inner corners. Glue the first set close to the innrer corners and the second set farther towards the outer corners. Waterproof mascara. 

Skin: Dark Peach + Dark Bisque Correctors. Golden + Almond Concealer. 6.5 Natural Finish Foundation all over and Golden Foundation stick on top. Deep Bronzer evenly all over then contour upper lip (to appear more flat and deep), sides of nose, temple, jaw and cheek bones. Warm Natural Concealer highlighting top of nose, chin and cheek bones. Pale pink blush. Bronze Shimmer brick all over and Star Shimmer powder (laura mercier) on highlighted points. 

Lips: Beige + tangerine lip sheer+ peony, crystal + YSL #10 Gloss on top.