Video Tutorial: How to Apply False Lashes with Faux lashes from BIRCHBOX

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I had so much fun making this video tutorial on how to apply false lashes. I used FAUX luxury lashes available at And let the record show- I named the technique "Lasher-cise" first!

Here are some tricks and tips for a flawless false lash application:

First make sure you have all the proper tools handy that you will need-
1. Lashes
3. Q-tips
4. Duo glue
5. Scissors

1st trick- removal from the package- use your thumb to push the lashes off of the packaging instead of pulling them up with tweezers! If you use tweezers you might mangle the lashes or leave a dent in the strip. 

Make sure the lashes fit your eye by trying them on the eye first- shorten the length if you need to by cutting them with scissors. And make sure you cut the right ones and the right length on each. 

2nd tip- don't apply the glue directly to the lashes- you might accidentally add too much and the lash glue will get all over the lashes- and not stay on the base strip like you want it to.  Instead apply it to the middle of the Q-tip and then apply it to the base of the lashes. 

3rd trick- it's important to "lasher-cise" for about 20 seconds. (or in other words wiggle the lashes around to that they bend to the shape of the eye and also so the lash glue has a moment to dry) you really want to work those lashes out so they don't come off while you're wearing them. 

Then Close one eye, then on that eye apply the lashes on top of your lashes and then push them towards the lid so that they lock into place right were your lashes meet your lid. 

As long as you cut them to the right length and you didn't use too much glue then they shouldn't poke you or stick at all to your lower lid when you blink. After about a minute you will adjust to the weight of the lashes on your lid. Mascara and viola! You're sexier than you ever thought possible! 

Let me know if you have any questions or want a lesson of your own! Thanks for watching!