Tropical Getaway- what makeup to pack?

Dearest Lindsey, 
Ok, so my boyfriend and I are going to Costa Rica for three weeks in December.  What hair/make-up kind of stuff should I bring?  I want to be pretty and light.

(pic of costa rica found here)

Hi Kara,

Thank you so much for writing! How exciting that you are going to spend 3 weeks of the winter in a tropical oasis! So, packing your makeup and hair supplies, this is what I would recommend:

1. Sunscreen (body)- are you going to be carrying on your luggage? If so I recommend bringing 1-2 bottles of sunscreen on the plane that are under 3.4 oz. Sunscreen is so expensive in tropical places! And it's such a hassel to have to go and buy it. Get at least an SPF 30 and make sure the sunscreen smells sexy!

2. Sunscreen (face)- Yes, I do recommend bringing a different SPF for your face. Why risk breaking out on your face from the body sunscreen? That would stress you out and not be cute- two things you don't want on your glamorous tropical getaway. Get the SPF for face now and start adjusting your skin to it. Since you are going somewhere tropical (hot and humid), this is probably all you will need for a moisturizer.  You can also use it as a makeup remover if your eyes aren't too sensitive. After you wash your face, just take a little on a q-tip and swipe it under and over your eye to remove leftover eye makeup.

3. Light Foundation- This could be your everyday foundation that you apply really lightly or perhaps even a tinted moisturizer. Something very, very light that just makes you feel more confident. Also, even if the foundation doesn't have an SPF in it, the pigment that evens out your skin tone also acts as a little parasol to block the sun from your face.

4. Concealer- Just in case you break out! Also, have a large freckle or a sun spot that you hate? Or maybe a seriously red nose? While you're out on the beach soaking up the rays, concealer acts as kind of a zinc oxide sunblock. It will block out the sun almost completely so that your redness and hyper-pigmentation stay at bay.  (no pun intended)

5. Bronzer and Blush- Essencial, but maybe not for everyday. When you go out as night with your new tan- this might be all you need to feel pretty and light!

6. Lip balm + pinky nude gloss- make sure you have a lip balm with an SPF with you at all times. Especially on the flight, don't you hate it when you're all dried up like a prune and you've forgotten your lip balm? A pinky nude gloss or another natural lip color might be nice to have when you go out on the town. Or if you're super into magenta right now- bring that along! :D

7. Eye shadow- in a palette. It's just easier that way! I don't think shadow is necessary, but if you want to DO your makeup for a fancy dinner. It would be nice to have.

8. Eye liner- I would really only pack this if eyeliner is your thing.

8. Clear mascara- what ever happened to clear mascara? It's so awesome! I totally recommend grabbing some and your local drug store. Great for the beach.

9. Regular Black Mascara- Just for nights out. If you bought waterproof and intended on wearing it to the beach and in the water- go return it. In my experience, waterproof mascara never actually stays, I will not have you looking like a raccoon in your pictures!

10. Q-tips, sponges, cotton balls, makeup wipes, any other supplies you regularly use.

11. Tweezers- what if that one hair grows back at the most inopportune time? You need to be prepared.

12. Lash curler- only if this is something you use daily and can't live without.

13. Nail clippers- I mean, you're going to be gone for 3 weeks! And how dreadful would a hang nail be that you couldn't do anything about?

(Sexy beach hair found here)     

And now for hair-

1. Brush

2. Blow drier? Are you the type of girl that needs to blow dry her hair avery day? Will you hotel have a decent blow drier for you to use?

3. Lightweight Gel- I would bring this to rock the perfect beach-hair  look like her ---->
It will also help tame your frizz from the high humidity.

4. Curling iron or straightener- You really need to ask yourself, "Am I going to want to DO my hair at some point?" Maybe pick one and bring it if there is space in your luggage.

5. Bobby pins, hair ties, Scrunchies (just kidding!), and any other tools/supplies you will need.

Thanks again for writing kara and I hope this helps!