Meet the Makeup Artist: Kerry Crawford

Q: How do you know Makeup Artist Lindsey Jones? A: I try to surround myself with positive people who share similar interests. So, I reached-out and said hello to Lindsey after admiring her beautiful work on her website and blog and liking her personality I sensed from her online presence. It’s really important for me to build relationships and connect with other creative entrepreneurs who I respect. It’s not easy finding kind, talented, smart people, you share chemistry with – so when I do I feel fortunate. Recently, we worked a wedding together and she was amazing. We can support, share and learn from each other. She is now my top fave makeup artist to recommend to others. She inspires me and makes me want to be a better makeup artist/business owner.

Q: What lip gloss/ color is in your purse right now? A: It rotates – but it’s usually something pretty natural on an average day. Today it’s bareMinerals Lip Gloss in Fruit Cocktail. But to be honest, since it’s December (and wedding season is slowing down) I’m spending a lot of time working in front of my computer. It’s finally my time to catch up on my marketing and to focus on promoting my business (through advertising, and maintaining/redesigning my blog/website etc.), so these days the only thing I’m wearing is Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (GASP!) BUT, this doesn’t mean I don’t love to rock a bold lip using MAC Morange Lipstick or NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl from time to time.

Q: How long have you been a makeup artist and what type of work do you do? A: One thing I’ve always known is that I am a visual person, an artist. I’ve had the knack for drawing and painting since I was very young, so it was no surprise that I attended art school and studied illustration and design and then worked for more than 10 years in that crazy world. I’ve enjoyed doing makeup since I was a kid – it’s been a hobby for most of my life without me really giving it much notice. My journey to becoming a professional makeup artist sort of grew organically and instinctually. For me it’s like painting, only on the face. I think that my knowledge of color, drawing and painting skills, and design background all enhance my makeup artist abilities. I’m also an Esthetician ( I worked PT in various spas in NYC+NJ for 5 yrs). This has been extremely helpful in guiding my makeup clients who have skin care concerns. Eventually, I connected all of the dots: artist + esthetician + indie makeup artist = my perfect little combination for happiness. I took the leap and officially started my own business kerrymakeup in Jan. 2008 – it’s been a labor of love and growing ever since.

Most of my bread+butter work has been weddings, or event makeup. In between, I love collaborating on projects with other creatives and doing test shoots – it’s a great way to network and grow as an artist. I’ve met some amazing and talented people this way. I’ve recently worked a 2 day commercial shoot for Pepsi, which only developed because of a past test shoot relationship.

I love this quote I found, “She took the leap and built her wings on the way down.” It pretty much describes how I’ve been living my life lately. Even when I feel too terrified (or maybe exhausted) to do something , I usually push myself and do it anyway. I figure even if I fail, at least I will learn something valuable along the way.

Q: Who or what do you look to for inspiration and why? A: I need inspiration to keep me going, and I can find it in tons of places. I kind of enjoy being constantly visually stimulated; maybe that’s why I love taking photos. My husband is a very creative and positive person, which has been a big influence on my life. He is a huge source of inspiration and he supports and encourages me when that self-doubt creeps in. I usually check out some favorite artists, photographers, designers work/blogs/sites to help stir-up my creative passion. I have a huge crush on graphic designer and blogger Bri Emery and view her blog designlovefest , on a regular basis. I double-dare you not to fall hard for her talents and charms. I also have an healthy obsession with Pinterest. It really helps me organize my favorite things and make mood boards for shoots – a very useful tool for the work I do. My favorite makeup tutorials come from the amazing MUA Lisa Eldridge. She is incredibly talented and informative and I love the way she approaches makeup. I could spend hours watching her.

Q: What project are you most proud of any why? A: Recently I’ve finished several collaborative projects that I’m so excited about and cannot wait to share. You know, when you get lucky enough to be surrounded by really talented people and all the pieces come together, magic happens. Since this is rare, it makes it even sweeter when it does. If you have talent and you continue to work really hard in perfecting your craft and surround yourself with good people I think you’re bound to produce good work. This vimeo from the words of Ira Glass, keeps me motivated and yearning to improve.

I’m learning that I enjoy the entire process; from concept to final product. A while back, I did a blog post on a favorite local vintage store in my neighborhood and it got me daydreaming. I started pinning makeup and clothing styles in my Pinterest board around the concept of promoting the cool vintage clothing from that store, Another Man’s Treasure. I shared my vision with the store owner and she was totally into it! Then I reached out to a photographer, model and hair stylist I’d connected with from previous makeup gigs. The hardest part of this production might have been getting everyone’s schedules open on the same day – we were all so busy! Then, I scouted the locations to shoot locally, and at the last minute I jumped-in and pulled the clothing for it (which was a first for me). I learned a ton from this experience. Of course things rarely run as smoothly or turn out to be as you imagined – for whatever reason (short on time, clothing is different than planned, weather, etc). So you need to be able to adapt, edit, and think/work quickly. But most importantly, never be afraid to share your own ideas AND you’ll never know unless you ask – SO ASK! My ultimate dream job would be to work for HBO or AMC on shows like Boardwalk Empire or MADMEN or maybe a movie someday. Can anyone out there hook me up? Hahah – I’m just asking.

Q: What are your favorite false lashes? A: I like MAC’s Lashes: I tend to use 4, 31, and 20 for my brides. I’m also a fan of a few Ardell Fashion Lashes: the 110′s are really subtle with just enough impact for brides and most gals attending weddings, and I enjoy the Demi Whispies for party makeup. Then I use DUO eyelash Adhesive (in dark tone) to apply them.

Q: What is your best kept makeup artist secret? A: QUICK TIP:Nothing can ruin the look of lipstick more than cracked and dry winter lips. You want lips like sugar without buying expensive products? Just take a wash cloth and run in under very warm water – scrub your lips with it and voilà! It removes of any rough dry flakiness and brings the blood to the surface for color; revealing healthy, plump, soft and kissable lips! But don’t forget to protect and hydrate them with your favorite lip balm. Mine is Burts Bees Lip Balm (in the tin). Then apply lipstick and/or gloss to those babies.

SKINCARE: Cleanse, (gently) exfoliate, and hydrate hydrate hydrate! Nourished skin is the best foundation for any makeup look. Once you find the skin care line and products that are the right fit for your skin type (and you are consistant), you are bound to see improvement. I’ve worked with and have seen great results on myself and others with Natuopathica  and Dermalogica skin care products.

I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT: Stila Convertible Color  Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler MAC Zoom Lash Mascara Bobbi Brown Long Wear Shadows

LATELY I’M LOVING: Becca Simmering Skin Perfector in Pearl Make Up For Ever HD Foundation Laura Mercier Book of Nudes By Terry Rose De Rose Liquid Blush

This is a recent bride who traveled all the way from down under for her NYC wedding,

shot by Jen Huang Photography

From the collaborative shoot I organized for Another Man’s Treasure.

Photographer: Jessica Peterson Photography, Hair: Bobby Yanoupeth

These images are from a shoot by Trent Bailey Photography for

Preston & Olivia‘s new Fall and Holiday Collection.

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