Marie Claire

Jessica Alba with Jeanine Lobell

Last Monday I had the pleasure of assisting Jeanine Lobell for a Cover of Marie Claire featuring Jessica Alba. The makeup was very dramatic and Jessica looked beautiful! She's so confident and so kind, and she rocked the makeup look that Jeanine gave her. Unfortunately I cant share any images or details of the makeup from the shoot because it's top secret.... but here's a behind the scenes look st the make shift sign on her dressing room at the St. Regis Hotel in NYC.

Jeanine had to catch a flight to paris at 6:00, so I wrapped up the shoot! I finished the last two shots with Jessica, touching her up and making sure the makeup was flawless at all times. Then when the shoot was finished, I changed her makeup for an interview for I made her makeup more natural for the interview. I used: rosebud lip salve on her lips, lightened up her eyes with concealer on her brow bone, took down the contouring and added a little more blush (Nude Pink by Bobbi Brown). I think Jeanine would have been very happy with the way I did her makeup. I know Jessica was, she was very happy and so sweet, she even hugged and kissed me goodbye. Love her!