Mantilla Inspired Shoot with The Refined Bride Co

It's always been a dream of mine to start a Collective of Californian Creatives... and it's crazy how it just happened so naturally! One day, via a group text, Brogen, Breesa and I started The Refined Bride Co! We are on a mission to redefine the Californian Bride!

At the Refined Bride Co we're trend setting, trying out new things, pushing ourselves creatively. Our perspective on weddings is new and fresh. We try to take a fine art perspective with our work, melding bold beauty and refined details together. We appreciate culture, are well traveled and enjoy melding different motifs and influences from all around the world into our work. 

This particular shoot was inspired by my travels in Spain and seeing these beautiful mantillas and pienetas in little shops. 

mantilla san diego makeup artist lindsey jones

A mantilla is a traditional large Spanish lace veil worn over the head and shoulders, often paired with a decorative hair comb called a peineta.  Bridal Mantillas are worn for Spanish weddings or other special celebrations.  Mantillas are also quite popular among women of the Roman Catholic faith to wear to church.

We had a blast shooting in Balboa Park! (Though it did get really cold! Shout out to our model, Nina, who powered on through, despite all the shivers!) Hair by Carmen and dress from The Dress Theory

Can we talk about this amazing hair by Carmen?! 

blooms by breesa lee
blooms by breesa lee
Carmen and Lindsey Touching up