AMAZING: Lacey Haegen's Coconut Vanilla Buffing Creme Body Exfoliator

Would you like to have to most luxurious, indulgent bath experience ever?! 
Allow me to introduce you to Lacey Haegen's 
Coconut Vanilla Buffing Creme Body Exfoliator.
Amazing! :D
While on the west coast for a wedding I met up with my friend, Lacey Haegen, who has all sorts of experience in the cosmetics world. When we first met she was the business manager of Chanel and also my first mentor in the world of makeup. Since then she has managed so many departments and is now a Box artist for Chanel, traveling all over for events with her own box of Chanel makeup. She has such a passion for beauty and cosmetics. It was only natural that she would have such an indulgent, fabulous bath product! I was so happy when she brought me a tub of her delicious scrub! I just have to spread the word because I know this is just the ultimate bath experience!

Inquire to laceyhaegen (at) for purchase.