My Makeup Artistry Kit's Secret Contents:

 1% Hydrocortisone Ointment- yep, that's right. 
Hydrocortisone Ointment is a steroid in a petroleum base that numbs the skin while also hydrating. It is an awesome quick fix for when your model needs her irritated skin smoothed and calmed. 
In between makeup appointments last Saturday I was at brunch with my Makeup Artist BFF, Cassandra, who was suffering because of her bug bites! Mosquitos just love this girl! They just think she's so sweet <3 I offered her some Hydrocortisone Ointment that I keep in a very small plastic jar in my tools/ skincare/ mascara bag in the ZUCA. She was delighted because it numbed those bites so it wouldn't itch so badly. Brunch Saved!
The reason why I carry Hydrocortisone around with me is actually a sad story… I was doing a wedding in June and the hairstylist burned my brides forehead (!!), it was almost a disaster! And the hairstylist was completely unapologetic. "You can just cover it with makeup…" was his only response. Which was true, but really? Wow! He didn't even say sorry. I could cover up the burn with makeup - but that wouldn't mean that it would stop burning her! Man did I wish I had some hydrocortisone on me then! I just had her ice it while I was doing the rest of the bridal party's makeup and by the time I got around to her it wasn't burning any longer. Thank goodness! 
She sat in the chair for me to do her makeup and she says, "Like really, on my wedding day?" I nodded sympathetically. I immediately covered the burn. I used a corrector first and then a perfect skin tone correct concealer on top. Is was untraceable. While doing her makeup I gave her a big smile and told her, however tragic, this is going to make the best story in a couple of months. She laughed really hard and totally agreed! In that moment it's the worst thing in the world, but in the future- it's going to be just a funny story. 
Thankfully I haven't needed to use the ointment on any burns! I have used the ointment on my client's bug bites, especially when you're on set outside in the woods. Or if they get some kind of itchy allergic reaction from who know what. I have had to use it on a model's eye lid when a stye was forming. It totally stopped the itch and the puffiness went down almost completely. 
*For burns it should definitely be used only in an emergency situation (like your wedding day). And it should be used rarely on the face because it thins the skin over repeated use. It's a great emergency quick fix for irritated skin!