My Favorite new toy: The Sony NEX-5N

Today I bought a very fancy point-and-shoot SLR camera called theSony NEX-5N. I decided to go with the sony because it was compact, shoots beautiful photographs and HD video, has a great lens, cool easy-to-use settings that will make my photos look oh-so-professional! AND it just came out in September 2011, so it's the latest and the greatest. Did I mention it has a touch screen? Oh yeah, it does. Total awesomeness. 

Here is a picture of a picture of the NEX-5N 
Chewy, who has gone home tonight! :(

Sodas in a Taco Truck

My purse from Mexico

Taco truck on 44th st and 5th ave in Sunset Park, Brooklyn
View of the city at night from Sunset Park, 
awesome low light capabilities, 9/11l light memorial to the left
This is def my favorite toy of the moment!