Bridal Diaries- Jaclyn

Remember Jaclyn? She was the bride that had her wedding a day early because of hurricane Irene. Could you imagine?! It's a brides worst nightmare! Thankfully she had excellent vendors and the wedding was a total success! 
Last minute touch ups at Rebar's bridal suite

Here I am helping button up Jaclyn's dress. I would never wear white to a wedding, but I had no idea I was going to be at a wedding that day! Jaclyn emailed me when I was already out and about working. Thankfully everything worked out perfectly!

Here is a review that Jaclyn wrote about me online:

"OMG... I can not say enough good things about my wedding make up artist Lindsey!  I was one of those "Irene" brides and had to move my wedding to a day early!  I sent Lindsey an email at around11am the morning before my wedding to see if there was ANY chance she could move out appt to a day early.  Within the half an hour, I get an email back from Lindsey saying... "Let's do this, I will be there!"

Lindsey is exactly the type of person you want around you the day of your wedding... or your impromptu wedding!  On a day that was so chaotic and crazy, Lindsey was so relaxing and fun to be around.  Calmed my nerves completely!  She's not only one of the coolest girls I have met, she does absolutely sick makeup!  I have had my make up down plenty of times and am not too shabby myself at it :), but I have never looked so hot!  She made my eyes pop and my skin looked flawless.  She was even able to make me look awake after not sleeping for 48 hours tracking Irene!

It wasn't just me either.  My mother (who never thinks she looks good), my sister, my mother-n-law, and my sister-n-law all looked stunning and can not stop praising Lindsey's work.

I will forever be in Lindsey's debt for helping me turn a crappy situation into making me feel beautiful on the inside and out.  If you have any concerns about Lindsey's work, feel free to email me.  I'll give you the reference of  a lifetime!"

Thank you Jaclyn! <3