New York Fashion Week: Katie Ermilio

During New York Fashion Week SS 2012 I had the pleasure of doing the makeup for Renato Almeida and Sheseido for Designer Katie Ermilio

The look is a Shimmery nude lide, with a pinky gold lower lid, slight medium wing tip with black cream/gel liner and then a little liner under just on the outer corners. Mascara on upper lashes and lightly on lower lashes. Brows were filled in lightly, very light foundation application, Cheeks in either RS302 or RD103 depending on the depth of the skin tone of the model, #1 corrector pencil in the water line, shimmer on the cheekbones and in the inter corner of the eyes.  



Sydney (Renato did her makeup)

Me! Snapping a pic in the mirror! :D

We had this tiny little station for three artists. It must have been about 100 degrees in that room while we were all doing makeup. A tight and hot space made it very difficult to work. At least I didn't have to work out of my kit like my friend, Susan. 

They didn't have a table for her so she just opened up her kit and grabbed what she needed as she needed it. Crazy! 

There was this really cool jewelry designer, Freida and Nellie, showcasing their work with Katie Ermilio. They were one of a kind pieces- antique jewelry with friendship bracelets beautifully combined. The pieces were adorable and I'm totally ordering my own bracelet right now!