Now that I have my Glamcor Lights, I'm unstoppable!

I can't tell you how excited I am about my new Glamcor lights! They are so cool! And with the amount of weddings that I've been doing lately at the Andaz on Wallstreet (Beautiful Hotel, terrible lighting for makeup artists) it's a good thing I picked them up! Here is what the LED lights look like:

Pretty cool. And they don't get hot.
Here is an awesome informational video on the lights:
Zuca + Glamcor = Love
You can also stack the Glamcor lights on the zuca the long way and there is a sleeve that will fit over the telescopic handle on the zuca. The Glamcor light set does make the Zuca a lot heavier and I can't swoop in and out of the subway turnstiles like I used to. But when I arrive on location to do makeup- I never have a lighting issue- and that is priceless. Thank you Glamcor!