DIY Soaking Salts

Tired of giving baked goods as christmas presents? Looking for something indie for your bridesmaids gifts? Give relaxation (not calories!) and soft skin (not a pashmina they'll never use!) with these soaking salts. Or you can order from my shop (coming soon!). To get this project going, I was chatting with my boyfriend's sister about how to make soaking salts. She makes all kinds of amazing stuff including a magical healing salve! It's the only thing that fixed Harlynn's mysterious face rash, and it is also great for diaper rash too.  We talked about what makes a good bath salt, options for different ingredients and scents and also where to buy all the supplies.  Her and her daughter decided that having chunks of herbs/ fruit/ non-disolvey pieces in the soaking salts might look beautiful and sound desirable, but when you finish up your relaxing bath and there are flower petals and lemon rind all over you, it's not as desirable as it originally seemed. For bottle design, I was inspired by these awesome soaking salts by the midnight collective that I bought from a cute little shop called Pigment in San Diego. 

You'll need:


large spoon

1 cup scooper

large mixing bowl


150 labels

(You really need 100, but trust me, you will need to test print a LOT)

48  16 oz. bottles

50 lids

55 pounds of salt

(I originally thought I only needed 50 pounds but I fell short, so get 55!)


word processor

So the first step is to order ALL of your supplies. Here's where I found these sweet bottles and lids.  For Salt, I did 1/3 Dead Sea Salt coarse, 1/3 Dead sea salt fine, and 1/3 epsom salt coarse.  Bulk Apothecary was great for salt, and they also have oils as well! For Labels, I bought these from The Paper Source in Superfine White.  You can download the template for word so you can print the label or you can just hand write on the label. I spent days designing my labels in Photoshop!!! I used one of my all time favorite fonts ELECTRO, I originally discovered the font on Mrs. Liliens Blog. (PS did you know that I was Mrs. Lilien's makeup artist in New York and in San Diego too?!?!?! And she's incredibly amazing and inspiring in real life?!?!?! She is!!!!!)

Lay everything out and mix up your salt! Put the funnel in your bottle and pour 'er in!!! This is where I used the measuring cup to transfer the salt from the bowl to the bottles. 

Print up or write up your labels and stick 'em on! I also made a back label that gave directions and ingredients. You can then give them away with a bow and a sweet tag, or buy cute little bags! I was making these for christmas, so I did a little bag and I attached tree trimmings, gold bells and red ribbon. I hope you have as much fun with this as I did and you and your family and friends will enjoy the soaking salts! 

Bridal Diaries - Gina

I can't handle this beauty!!! It just makes me MELT! Photographers Amari and Madelynn from Foot Candles captured the magic of the day and the beauty of it all! Gina and Mike were married in San Fransisco at Dogpatch Wineworks. Gina wore a Nicole Miller gown from Emerald City Gowns, her hair styled by Victor from Hair Play, flowers by a family friend, Kathy Cunningham and makeup my me! Shout out to my assistant for the day, Cameron, you were amazing! 


Gina's look starts with perfect brows! An absolute MUST for any bridal makeup application. In this pic I'm glueing on individual lashes (my favorite!). I shaped out and contoured her sockets with a neutral shadow, just enough so that in photos there would be good definition on her eyes and they would look huge!  Then we did a subtle cat eye with black gel eyeliner. And the lips? !!!! (suspense) !!! A cool dark red! I LOVE IT!!!! 

Gypsy Beach photo shoot

Here's some new work I did with Photographers Martina Micko and Brogen Jessup for Gypsy Beach! All swimwear is ACACIA and model is the beautiful Cameron Rorrison.

the Kensington Apartment

Luke and Lindsey Hanging out

I know you've probably been wondering what the deal is with our unexpected move out of our Kensington apartment... I've got lots of explaining to do. It's really personal and actually kind of embarrassing. But man---- it's like, there's totally a plan (I know I say this all the time), but really, there must be. It's just that... why does this master plan have to be so difficult sometimes? Not everything, but like, all these twists and turns my life is taking. I know, I know, I know... without the difficulties, or uncomfortable situations, there is no change. And without change there is no growth. Once it gets good, and you get to a place where you are happy... you finally understand all the difficulty and challenges. They've made you your best.. I've grown so much since the move and I really want to share. It's really just another twist in my life story... so here it goes... 

Luke and I got asked to leave our apartment because we were AirBnBing. It was devastating and shocking. Through it all we stayed a strong team and worked so hard during the move. My family was so supportive and helped us immensely. We decided to sell as much as we could and stay with my parents until we made a plan. We've had a lot of things to think about- and a lot of changes to endure. The apartment never really felt like home... but it was almost there... and now that we are out we feel so good about it. It was so hard selling furniture I had spent so much time researching and designing. Another thing is... this is the house is where I gave birth to Harlynn... I will never forget that place. I am so glad I have these photos from Brogen Jessup to look back on and reminisce... 

We've had a couple of months to think about what to do next. We know we can't AirBnB an apartment that we rent, we aren't ready to buy in SoCal yet, Luke only works a couple months out of the year, I freelance, we have a home already in Indianapolis that we SLAVE away on (Pics to come soon), Harley J isn't in school yet, we love to travel and camp, we have a huge truck... soooo.... maybe we just travel around in SoCal for the Winter? And live in a.... dun dun dun.... TRAILER?!?!?!?!

That's right, get ready for it, the new plan? Travel trailer. Luke, Harley J. and I will be spending this winter in a Travel Trailer on the beaches/ deserts/ mountains of Southern California. Crazy, I know. But here's the deal...  after doing the math, we figured with the amount of money we would spend on rent in a year we could by a brand new travel trailer. So trailer it is!!! Please don't think I don't realize the stereotypes and stigma around living in a trailer...  the incredibly perfect and catchy alliteration between the two words trailer and trash have made the lifestyle an easy target. But after I did some research, I came to realize it's not the stigma alone that detours people, I think it might be more work that a lot of people realize, you have to be a minimalist, seasoned traveler and most importantly an adventurer. Also- it's not very cheap- renting an apartment is way less expensive. Anyway... it's about to get crazy up in this blog... that's for sure. I wanted to share some pics of our old Kensington Apartment and I hope you'll stop by in a couple months to check out our trailer adventures! 

West Elm Door Mat
Luke holding me
luke and lindsey in living room beams
CB2 rug, San Diego neighborhood coasters, Blooms by Breesa Lee
Lindsey and Luke in Living room
brown couch
Reading magazine
Lindsey and Luke on Couch

Face Oils

As you may already know, I am very pregnant. Approx 40 weeks now! I'm expecting our little girl anytime now and so have taken the next month or so off of work. And while that means no appointments... it does mean lots of blogging! I have learned so much after working in the cosmetics industry for over 10 years and working in New York for over 6 years. I was really busy living in NYC but now I'm slowing down and I have so much I am dying to share with you! Face oil

Lately I've been super ALL about face oils. I found this really interesting article in Cosmetics and Toiletries (a scientific journal on cosmetics) from 2008 about "free form" cosmetics. It seems like it was just around 2008 that the various health conscious cosmetic trends were becoming popular, a lot that can still bel seen today.  Free form earlier in 2002 simply meant free of synthetic colorants and fragrances. But in 2008 the list had expanded to include free from mineral oil, petrochemicals, polyethylene glycol (PEG), sodium laurel sulfate, parabens, genetically modified ingredients, phenoxyethanol and most recently silicone. What's interesting about face oils... is they are SUPER free form. Like it shocks me when I look at the ingredients. It's usually very simply a list of oils- usually from flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Here's a breakdown of 4 different face oils that I have in rotation now:

Extra Face OilScreen Shot 2015-05-08 at 8.40.28 AM

Brand: Bobbi Brown  Bottle: 1 oz, Glass bottle with a twist lid   Price: $83 USD Scent: neroli, patchouli, lavender, and sandalwood Thoughts: Bobbi Brown's extra face oil was the first face oil I was introduced to back in 2006. And for that reason, as well as the beauty and quality of the product, it holds a very special place in my heart. One interesting thing to note is that despite being the most mainstream brand of all these oils it will leave you smelling the most like a hippie. I think it's because of the patchouli and sandalwood. Another interesting observation about the product is the packaging. It's a twist top, and all the others are either a pump or a dropper. It can get rather messy and not very good for travel. But... the packaging is extraordinarily beautiful and the weight of the product in your hand feels very luxurious.


illuminating rose collagen renewal face serumScreen Shot 2015-05-08 at 8.05.16 AM

Brand: red flower  Bottle: 1 oz, Glass bottle with a dropper Price: $86 USD Scent: Rose damascena   Thoughts: I was given this as a gift from the girls at the Red Flower store in SoHo after buying their Nature radiant skincare travel set and some blood orange shampoo. It sat around in my skin care storage unit for about a year. I have had it in rotation with the other 3 face oils for the past couple of months. ROSES. It's very rosy smelling and I kind of love and hate that about it. Just some nights it's a little too strong for me... but during the day I love it! Maybe because during the day I'm moving around and at night I'm just laying there smelling it while I drift off to sleep!  It's important to remember that these are oils that we are putting on our face and usually oils have a very strong scent. I really like the packaging, and the dropper applicator, gorgeous!


Carrot Seed Soothing Facial OilScreen Shot 2015-05-08 at 8.08.23 AM

Brand: Naturopathica  Bottle: .5 oz, Glass bottle with a pump  Price: $40 USD Scent: evening primrose and very light notes of lavender, ylang ylang and rosemary   Thoughts: I was given this as a gift from a good friend of mine that works at Naturopathica. Since I was already using three other face oils, I was like what the heck, let's throw another one in the mix! This oil is half the price and size of the red flower and Bobbi Bown oils. The applicator is different too, It's a pump top. Travel wise- I think this feels like the thickest glass and the least likely to break. The scent is great! It's definately rosey- but the other ingredients make it a little more herbal smelling, which I love.

Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 3.59.22 PM

Brand: Dr. Alkaitis  Bottle: 4 oz, Glass bottle with a pump Price: $90 USD Scent:  My favorite scented oil out of he four. It's hard to describe- flowery (rose) with a white sandalwood, subtle liquorice and country mallow.  Thoughts: I recieved this face oil in a Dr. Alkaitis travel set, and it's fabulous! For $55 you get a 1 oz plastic container of the face oil with a pump as well as 7 other products to try!  Despite being the most hippie/ granola/ organic/ free form/ all that goodness kind of brand brand- I think it smells the most flowery and sweet and least herbal. Dr. Alkaitis also brands this as an all over oil- meaning face, hair and body. I look much tanner after applying this oil over the other oils- and the reason why is becuase it has turmeric in it.  See the pic below, the one on the right is the Dr. Alkatis and the one on the left is the Red Flower. The ingredient list in this product is facinating!  You have to read it hereScreen Shot 2015-05-08 at 8.22.10 AM Dr. Alkaitis is one of the most revolutionary brands out there in terms of health and global/ social resposibility. Taking the whole 'free form' cosmetic idea to the next level. We're talking: certified organic, bio-dynamic and ethically wild-crafted ingredients. The products are biologically active, all raw, living and theraputic. The Doc preaches, 'If you can't eat it, then don't put it on your skin".