Donna Karan event + VOGUE beauty editor

At the two-day Launch event with Bobbi Brown for Donna Karan's new fragrance, WOMAN, we made up all the beauty editors from Allure, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, Essence, O Magazine, WWD, Town and Country and VOGUE. The women then had their portrait taken with the woman that inspires them, be it their mother, sister or a friend. Famed photographer Brigitte Lacombe took the portraits in black and white. It was so fun for their family and friends to take a peak into their glamorous lives, they were so excited and proud. Sarah Brown was my last makeup application of the two day event, I had no Idea what she was thinking while I was doing her makeup, I couldn't read her. Did she like the makeup? Was she feeling me? She gave me no clues. I just did my thing… listened to her tell me what she wanted, tried to help her articulate what she had in mind, as well as explain to her the photographer's style and how we had to keep that in mind as we put together the look.  I was assertive, calm, friendly and confident... or as much as I could be while doing the beauty editor of Vogue's makeup. I talked to her a little about her job and a little about mine. And then the unthinkable happened, she asked me for my card. It didn’t really sink in until she thanked me and walked away with her mother to have their portrait taken (by the way she has an incredibly confident, sexy walk). Then I thought to myself, as I tilted my head and squinted my eyes a bit, “Sarah Brown, from Vogue Magazine, just asked me for my card. Did that just happen? Wait, what just happened? She liked me? I mean, she had to have. Right? I mean, whoa. Whoa.”  I reviewed the facts with Caitlin Wooters, the other makeup artist at the event, because I was so confused, shocked and excited by what had just happened. I couldn’t read her so I had no idea why she asked me for my card, she didn’t say what she would need me for, if she would need me or what kind of projects she had in mind. She was just cool and calm the entire time, God she was so chic. Why did she ask me for my card? Caitlin answered frankly, “She asked you for your card because she liked you and because you’re good.”

I want to thank Bobbi Brown, Kim Soane and Cassandra Garcia for this wonderful opportunity to work the event and meet these incredibly talented and successful women.  If every day could be like the last two days…

And another highlight of the day was seeing hairstylist Roz, from BumbleandBumble. I've worked with her in the past on several projects. I took this pic of her after I taught her the wonders of Bobbi's Black Gel eyeliner. And we had a great view from the 12th floor at Jack Studios of the space shuttle Enterprise