Harlynn's Mark

I never thought it was possible to spend so many hours of a day staring at a baby. I stare with love and in wonder... for hours... but which seem like moments. I've never been so incredibly present in my whole life. In fact, Harlynn is sleeping on my chest right now, and I take breaks often to stare at her face, watch her breathe, wonder what she's dreaming about. I hope that the sounds of my heatbeat and breathing bring her comfort and make her sleep deeply. I am so in love. <3Harlynn Mark first name

Luke and I have been doing lots of unconventional and new age-y parenting stuff... and I'm ready to add another item to the list: Harlynn's Mark. It's a piece of art with the intented purposeof it being a symbol for her to have. It's a gift from her grandparents and I comissioned and organized everything. I fell in love with the Logo that Elisabeth Timpone did for Chellise Michael Photography, and I asked her if she would be interested in creating a symobol for Harlynn. She was very excited to be on board, sent me a couple of sketches then a final piece was in the mail!

package to harlynnIMG_8578

Thanks Elisabeth! We love it! IMG_8579 IMG_8580Before I got in touch with Elisabeth, I knew I wanted an arrow for Harlynn. I would say the name over and over... Harlynn, Harlynn, Harlynn... and so strongly, SO strongly, an arrow came to my mind. I still can't figure out why, but it still feels so right. I want this bow and arrow to be sybolic. I want it to be Harlynn's. This mark represents all that we wish for her: to have an adventurous and cunning spirit, flexible and strong mind, just and true heart, and seek learning, understanding and love always.

IMG_8581 IMG_8583

Harlynn MarkThe mark is gonig to be made into a stamp... and I'm going to put it on all kinds of things... lunches, stationary, clothes, books... when she looks her bow and arrow, I hope she thinks of her family and knows how much we lover her!!!

Bye for now! -Lindsey xoxo