the Kensington Apartment

Luke and Lindsey Hanging out

I know you've probably been wondering what the deal is with our unexpected move out of our Kensington apartment... I've got lots of explaining to do. It's really personal and actually kind of embarrassing. But man---- it's like, there's totally a plan (I know I say this all the time), but really, there must be. It's just that... why does this master plan have to be so difficult sometimes? Not everything, but like, all these twists and turns my life is taking. I know, I know, I know... without the difficulties, or uncomfortable situations, there is no change. And without change there is no growth. Once it gets good, and you get to a place where you are happy... you finally understand all the difficulty and challenges. They've made you your best.. I've grown so much since the move and I really want to share. It's really just another twist in my life story... so here it goes... 

Luke and I got asked to leave our apartment because we were AirBnBing. It was devastating and shocking. Through it all we stayed a strong team and worked so hard during the move. My family was so supportive and helped us immensely. We decided to sell as much as we could and stay with my parents until we made a plan. We've had a lot of things to think about- and a lot of changes to endure. The apartment never really felt like home... but it was almost there... and now that we are out we feel so good about it. It was so hard selling furniture I had spent so much time researching and designing. Another thing is... this is the house is where I gave birth to Harlynn... I will never forget that place. I am so glad I have these photos from Brogen Jessup to look back on and reminisce... 

We've had a couple of months to think about what to do next. We know we can't AirBnB an apartment that we rent, we aren't ready to buy in SoCal yet, Luke only works a couple months out of the year, I freelance, we have a home already in Indianapolis that we SLAVE away on (Pics to come soon), Harley J isn't in school yet, we love to travel and camp, we have a huge truck... soooo.... maybe we just travel around in SoCal for the Winter? And live in a.... dun dun dun.... TRAILER?!?!?!?!

That's right, get ready for it, the new plan? Travel trailer. Luke, Harley J. and I will be spending this winter in a Travel Trailer on the beaches/ deserts/ mountains of Southern California. Crazy, I know. But here's the deal...  after doing the math, we figured with the amount of money we would spend on rent in a year we could by a brand new travel trailer. So trailer it is!!! Please don't think I don't realize the stereotypes and stigma around living in a trailer...  the incredibly perfect and catchy alliteration between the two words trailer and trash have made the lifestyle an easy target. But after I did some research, I came to realize it's not the stigma alone that detours people, I think it might be more work that a lot of people realize, you have to be a minimalist, seasoned traveler and most importantly an adventurer. Also- it's not very cheap- renting an apartment is way less expensive. Anyway... it's about to get crazy up in this blog... that's for sure. I wanted to share some pics of our old Kensington Apartment and I hope you'll stop by in a couple months to check out our trailer adventures! 

West Elm Door Mat
Luke holding me
luke and lindsey in living room beams
CB2 rug, San Diego neighborhood coasters, Blooms by Breesa Lee
Lindsey and Luke in Living room
brown couch
Reading magazine
Lindsey and Luke on Couch

DIY- Vintage Compact Fill

You'll need: vintage compact with metal basin, jewelry cleaner, knife/ spatula, alcohol, paper towels, heat gun, your favorite cream product (lip/ cheek color or cream concealer).

A great place to find compacts is at vintage or antique store- or an estate sale. Soon I'll have them up for grabs on my website! Stay tuned for the store opening!


Disassemble the compact.


Scrape out any remaining powder


Now to make the outside sparkle and shine...


grab your jewelry cleaner from 1996...


Start Scrubbin'... then rinse with water and let dry.


Now for the inside basin pan... wipe with alcohol until completely clean and let dry.


Grab your favorite lip color or cream concealer.


Shave it into the pan...


grab your gun...


Put a paper towel under the pan and the shaved cream makeup-


and let her rip...






almost meltiest...


now let it cool off...


find your pieces to assemble the compact...


ooooo.... ahhhhh!!!!


Now get a little box and some ribbon pretties...


Tulle is always a good idea!




I hope you have fun with this!!! It's such a great gift! Especially for the makeup obsessed!

My baby teaches me

Please enjoy some morning time pics and a little poem <3YesDearstudio-8833-X3My baby teaches me. She teaches me compassion. Compassion like I never knew I could feel. love. understanding. She motivates me. She pushes me to be my best. She challenges me and makes me resourceful. She brings me down to earth, roots me in life. She brings me to the moment and keeps me there longer than I've ever been able to be. She makes me savor life. She shows me how wonderful and exciting experiencing the world through the senses can be. She makes me a child again. She makes me sing loudly. Our souls connect deeply. I look into her eyes and I say to her, Namaste. Then I understand, the light in me sees the light in you. She shines like the sun and warms my whole being. Harley baby, I love you.YesDearstudio-8913-2530x1827YesDearstudio-8860-2530x1763YesDearstudio-8872-2530x1687 YesDearstudio-8916-2530x1687 YesDearstudio-8929-2530x1687

YesDearstudio-8894-2530x1783YesDearstudio-8796-2560x1707 YesDearstudio-8809-2530x1687Photos by the lovely and talented Aubrey of Yes, Dear. Sudio

Tuesdays Together- September 22nd 6:30-8:30 details here!!! tues-togetherHi all! Morgan Gates and I will be hosting a Tuesdays Together on September 22nd! There will be fellow makeup artists galore, meeting up in the spirit of Community over Competition. Plus, a quick New York Fashion week makeup trend report! The event is for all Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Business CEOs, including: Artists, Bloggers, Boutique Owners, Calligraphers, Designers, Event Planners, Florists, Makeup Artists, Photographers, Stylists, Wedding Pros, Writers and more! community


To learn more about tuesdays together, check our the Rising Tide Societyrising tide societyPlease email me to RSVP!

Baby Harlynn ~ 3 weeks

Baby Harlynn melts my heart! What a little love nugget!  Photos by  Tangerine Tree Photography, thank you so much Sheri! xoxo