My baby teaches me

Please enjoy some morning time pics and a little poem <3YesDearstudio-8833-X3My baby teaches me. She teaches me compassion. Compassion like I never knew I could feel. love. understanding. She motivates me. She pushes me to be my best. She challenges me and makes me resourceful. She brings me down to earth, roots me in life. She brings me to the moment and keeps me there longer than I've ever been able to be. She makes me savor life. She shows me how wonderful and exciting experiencing the world through the senses can be. She makes me a child again. She makes me sing loudly. Our souls connect deeply. I look into her eyes and I say to her, Namaste. Then I understand, the light in me sees the light in you. She shines like the sun and warms my whole being. Harley baby, I love you.YesDearstudio-8913-2530x1827YesDearstudio-8860-2530x1763YesDearstudio-8872-2530x1687 YesDearstudio-8916-2530x1687 YesDearstudio-8929-2530x1687

YesDearstudio-8894-2530x1783YesDearstudio-8796-2560x1707 YesDearstudio-8809-2530x1687Photos by the lovely and talented Aubrey of Yes, Dear. Sudio