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DIY Soaking Salts

Tired of giving baked goods as christmas presents? Looking for something indie for your bridesmaids gifts? Give relaxation (not calories!) and soft skin (not a pashmina they'll never use!) with these soaking salts. Or you can order from my shop (coming soon!). To get this project going, I was chatting with my boyfriend's sister about how to make soaking salts. She makes all kinds of amazing stuff including a magical healing salve! It's the only thing that fixed Harlynn's mysterious face rash, and it is also great for diaper rash too.  We talked about what makes a good bath salt, options for different ingredients and scents and also where to buy all the supplies.  Her and her daughter decided that having chunks of herbs/ fruit/ non-disolvey pieces in the soaking salts might look beautiful and sound desirable, but when you finish up your relaxing bath and there are flower petals and lemon rind all over you, it's not as desirable as it originally seemed. For bottle design, I was inspired by these awesome soaking salts by the midnight collective that I bought from a cute little shop called Pigment in San Diego. 

You'll need:


large spoon

1 cup scooper

large mixing bowl


150 labels

(You really need 100, but trust me, you will need to test print a LOT)

48  16 oz. bottles

50 lids

55 pounds of salt

(I originally thought I only needed 50 pounds but I fell short, so get 55!)


word processor

So the first step is to order ALL of your supplies. Here's where I found these sweet bottles and lids.  For Salt, I did 1/3 Dead Sea Salt coarse, 1/3 Dead sea salt fine, and 1/3 epsom salt coarse.  Bulk Apothecary was great for salt, and they also have oils as well! For Labels, I bought these from The Paper Source in Superfine White.  You can download the template for word so you can print the label or you can just hand write on the label. I spent days designing my labels in Photoshop!!! I used one of my all time favorite fonts ELECTRO, I originally discovered the font on Mrs. Liliens Blog. (PS did you know that I was Mrs. Lilien's makeup artist in New York and in San Diego too?!?!?! And she's incredibly amazing and inspiring in real life?!?!?! She is!!!!!)

Lay everything out and mix up your salt! Put the funnel in your bottle and pour 'er in!!! This is where I used the measuring cup to transfer the salt from the bowl to the bottles. 

Print up or write up your labels and stick 'em on! I also made a back label that gave directions and ingredients. You can then give them away with a bow and a sweet tag, or buy cute little bags! I was making these for christmas, so I did a little bag and I attached tree trimmings, gold bells and red ribbon. I hope you have as much fun with this as I did and you and your family and friends will enjoy the soaking salts!