How to Use Embossing Powder + a Makeup Party Teaser Pic

You will need:
1. A stamp- I had a little rubber stamp made here of my little lamb logo.
2. A heat gun- or any art supply should have one.
3. Clear ink pad- I got mine at The Paper Source in Brooklyn.
4. Embossing powder- which I also got at The Paper Source.
5. Something to Emboss- I picked up these awesome notebooks at Muji for my 'students' at makeup parties and makeup lessons.
6. A Scrap piece of paper.
Take the rubber stamp and stamp the surface that you would like to emboss.
Pour the embossing powder over the stamped surface.

Pour the powder off onto a scrap piece of paper. Put that leftover powder back into the jar for next time.

Now just heat up the print with the heat gun and the powder magically turns into an embossed surface!

I also embossed some card-stock and made some cup cake toppers. They were a big hit at my makeup party I had today, which by the way, was totally awesome! Future blog post to come about the party, but here's a little teaser...
After I showed the girls how to wear a pop of color on their lids and still look pretty, they couldn't stop talking about my Bobbi Brights palette! And what's cool about the palette is that all the bright colors are flat, meaning they don't have any shimmer. Wait, don't these girls have awesome tights? Love it!