Wedding Makeup Trial with the Gorgeous Liz!

Can you believe how gorgeous this girl is? Seriously! She certainly makes me look like a makeup genius! And to be totally honest- she looked just as gorgeous without any makeup on. I just took her natural beauty and enhanced it. I took her to the next level of beautydom with a couple simple products- and it was awesome.
One of the problems that a lot of makeup artists have is always thinking that every person needs foundation. And that's not true. As makeup artists we need to be able to take a step back, look at the canvas- if it looks good- don't mess it up with foundation. This is especially true of girls with Liz's coloring. I have yet to find a foundation that doesn't make their face color look slightly ashy. But the good thing is that women with this color usually have pretty even and nice skin tone anyway.
What we did on Liz's skin is Bobbi Brown's under eye corrector, concealer, Deep Bronzer and then just a touch of foundation stick in Honey around her nose to cut redness (oh and of course pale pink blush- duh! :D)
The finished face chart then Liz and me.
Thank you so much Liz for everything!
PS makeup party pics coming soon!