Assisting Jeanine Lobell for Marie Claire with Jessica Alba

[brightcove vid=1628410882001&exp3=1028803727001&surl=,AAAAAPabPak~,oqR0mXMYQVdVS3MK8xuATBO0I0-NDI9n&w=480&h=360]

Can you see me in the video (at the 41 second mark for half a second)?! So fun! I had the absolute pleasure of assisting Jeanine Lobell while she did the makeup for Jessica Alba for the Cover of Marie Claire. Jeanine had to catch a flight, so I wrapped up the shoot for her. I finished the last shot and then changed Jessica's makeup for the video. I was SO excited to be there with Jeanine and Jessica, and I totally kept my cool when Jeanine left and I was there alone with Jessica. Which, BTW, Jessica is SO nice. The cutesy-ness that comes across in the interview is real, it's exactly who she is. It was such a pleasure to work with her!

Jeanine Lobell is hands down, my #1 hero. Like.... makeup, personality, mannerisms, profesionalism, everything. For the first time in my life, I have a full-fledged Role Model. She's so bad ass, she doesn't even need a website. Check out her interview on Into the Gloss and her INCREDIBLE Manhattan apartment. All of my makeup artist friends will agree that she rocks, super hard.