Makeup Party

What is glamorous? What makes you feel sexy? How do you bring your friends together? What are you doing for your birthday this year? How will you throw your friend’s bachelorette party? What does true luxury feel like? How will you maintain your reputation as the best hostess? Why isn’t your makeup working for you lately? Feeling the need to indulge? Answer: Makeup Party by Lindsey Jones

I would like to introduce you to the most fabulous event of the year- which soon could be in your living room- a Lindsey Jones Makeup Artistry Makeup Party. Makeup Parties are simple-  you tell Lindsey what place and time you want to throw the party, how many people and whether or not you want food (Mediterranean menu or Asian Fusion menu). It’s not a sales party either, you don’t have to worry about having your guests feel pressured to buy any makeup. Instead they get the best makeup application of their life- all thanks to you.

Just to give you a little idea, Makeup Parties are:


Champagne, mmm... cupcakes and yummy gourmet food!


...or not! Totally up to you and your guests!

For inquiries and to book your Makeup Party,
Contact Lindsey Jones at miss.lindseyjones(at) or 619-993-4945.
And more pics coming soon!